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E-mail Marketing Software Free for All

A regular newsletter to your existing customer base is one of the most proven methods of promoting repeat business.

Why pay for a e-mail marketing software when it can be free?

The GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change all versions of a program-to make sure it remains free software for all its users. Developers who write software can release it under the terms of the GNU GPL. When they do, it will be free software and stay free software, no matter who changes or distributes the program. We call this copyleft: the software is copyrighted, but instead of using those rights to restrict users like proprietary software does, we use them to ensure that every user has freedom.

License of the E-mail Marketing Software

This software is a an open source free software developed by phplist, licensed under the GPL v2. Please make sure that you understand this license before downloading.

Requirements for Installation of the E-mail Marketing Software

You need to have this requirements to install the email newsletter software

  1. 1 website or 1 active domain.
  2. Apache web server (contact your domain Host to see if available)
  3. PHP version 4 or higher (contact your domain Host to see if available)
  4. MySQL database server version 4 or higher(contact your domain Host to see if available)
  5. FTP file transfert like Fantastico, FTP upload, or SSH.
  6. WinZip.

Nota: the domain Host is generally where you have buy your name (1and1, bluehost,...)

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