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Free email software: How to install

Newsletter & Emails Software easy to install

Find out how easy it is to download and install the free email software on your own servers by following the instructions in the online documentation.

Requirements for installation

You need to have this requirement to install the email marketing software

  1. 1 website or 1 active domain.
  2. Apache web server (contact your domain host to see if available)
  3. PHP version 4 or higher (contact your domain host to see if available)
  4. MySQL database server version 4 or higher (contact your domain host to see if available)
  5. FTP file transfert like Fantastico, FTP upload, or SSH.
  6. WinZip.

Note: the host is generally where you have bought your domain (1and1, bluehost,...)

Before Start installation...

You need to know information about your MySQL database server: host, name, log, password. If you don't know this information, please contact your domain Host.

Installing in a few steps the E-mail Marketing Software

Do yourself in few steps the installation of the E-mail Marketing Software:

Step 1: Download the free software

1. Download the email marketing software for free.

2. Unpack files with Winzip. This will create a directory inside newsletter_software called phplist-2.10.12

Step 2: Configure your MySQL database

3. Open the file "config.php" situated in the directory public_html/lists/config/config.php

4. In this file, add your MySQL configuration in "General settings for language and database" (red data needed below). Contact the Host of your site to know this information.

# choose your language by using the dropdown in the pages.
$language_module = "";
(for others languages replace by,,,,,,

# what is your Mysql database server
$database_host = "localhost"; (see the host of your MySQL. It uses to be a number like

# what is the name of the database we are using
$database_name = "phplistdb0"; (see the host of your MySQL. It uses to be a number like db12345678)

# who do we log in as?
$database_user = "phplist"; (see the host of your MySQL. It uses to be a number like dbo12345678)

# and what password do we use
$database_password = 'phplist'; (see the host of your MySQL. Introduce the password of your MySQL, for example password)

Step 3: Upload the e-mail marketing software

5. In the directory public_html, there will be the directory lists. Upload the "lists" directory into your website via FTP. The "lists" directory takes around 5 minutes to upload. The rest of the files are for reference only and are not needed for phplist to work.

Step 4: Configure online the e-mail marketing tool

6. Go to the URL of the lists/admin directory of your phpList installation. A web-based installer will walk you through the rest. For example, if your website's name is, then you should go to:

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