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Best Tips to Design your Newsletter for Email Marketing

by Microsoft

Staying in touch with customers. Make sure you don’t lose the customers you’ve spent so much energy to acquire.

Keep these things in mind for a newsletter with impact:

Keep these things in mind for a newsletter with impact:
1. Use big headlines.
2. Make your articles short and to the point.
3. All information should be of value to the customer

Create a customized newsletter

Add your company logo, change the colors to reflect the ones your business uses, put in your business address, phone numbers, and Web site address-in other words, develop a basic newsletter reflecting your company's look that will stay the same for each issue.

Font size of the newsletter

When choosing fonts for use in newsletter styles, as a general rule, avoid font sizes smaller than 10 points. When choosing the fonts that you’ll be using for headlines and body text, a good rule is to never use more than 2-3 fonts in a newsletter. More cause confusion and make your efforts look less professional. Be creative with the ones you do choose, though. Use different sizes and colors, and use bold and italics to add variety without confusing the look of the newsletter.

Add articles and graphics in the newsletter

Keep the amount of information to about 1,000 words or less. Anything more becomes tiresome to read online, and you may lose their interest before they read the items you really want them to see.

What to include in the newsletter
Some items to think about including might be recent awards presented to your company, specials and discounts on products or services, announcements of new products, and information on new ways to take advantage of your products or services. Don’t include items that might be of interest to only a few customers; you want to capture and hold the interest of as many readers as possible.

Add graphics in the newsletter
Add graphics or pictures with captions to help break up the text and create some visual interest. But make sure that whatever you add relates to the adjacent text. A picture of the company dog might be cute, but if the story surrounding it is about a new product, the picture will only serve to confuse your readers.

Contact information in the newsletter
Be sure to include contact information like “For more information…” in every newsletter.

Web links in the newsletter
Include links to the company Web site wherever you can. Be sure to update the site to include the information you are referring them to. It’s easy to include hyperlinks in your newsletter that will take customers right to your Web site or get them started with an e-mail to your sales staff.

Send the newsletter
When you’ve completed your newsletter, it’s time for one of the most important steps of all—send the newsletter with the best software!

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