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Email marketing article

10 Best Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Address Recipients with The Name in Email Campaigns

If I get a bulk email, it feels much less bulky if it greets me with my name. I feel more like myself, less like a number — and I'm more likely to read the message, maybe risk a click or two.

If at all possible, you should:

  • personalize your marketing mails to
  • greet and address recipients individually with their name.

Often, you will use the first name only, but for some campaigns the last name will be more appropriate.

Avoid Email Marketing During the Holidays

During the holidays, people tend to be away from their computers and not check their email regularly.

This means they may get your message when they return together with a ton of other mail that has piled up during the holidays. Chances are all but the most important messages will be deleted in a rush without a second look.

This is why you should

  • avoid sending your email marketing campaign during the months of December, January, July and August.

Of course, exceptions to this rule are not only possible but sometimes mandatory.

Get Newsletter Subscribers with Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are a great way to build your list, but if you decide to make use of freebies and prizes you should pay extra attention not only to quantity but also to the quality of the list you build.

The prizes should be compatible with your target group to attract primarily subscribers interested in getting your emails and not only people who sign up for the sweepstakes and then unsubscribe immediately. There's not much point in that.

HTML or Plain Text: Let Your Recipients Decide

Of course, as an email marketer you love HTML messages. But the recipients, your customers, may not like them that much. They may not even open them.

That's why you should put them in control and

  • offer a text version of all your mailings
  • your recipients can subscribe to instead of the HTML version.
With our e-mail marketing software you can let your recipients decide.

Include an Easy to Use Unsubscription Link in Newsletters

Subscribers who want to unsubscribe but fail to do so (because the instructions are not clear, or require a lot of effort on the subscriber's end) will turn to you in the end, which means high, unnecessary administrative costs if you have to take them off the list manually. That's why you should make it as easy as possible for your readers to unsubscribe. The most accessible and failsafe way probably is a personalized unsubscription link that takes the reader to a page where they can take off their address using a prefilled form. This option is included in our e-mail marketing software

Learn from Spam

We almost always learn from examples. There are good examples, and there is spam. You can learn a lot from spammers: what your marketing emails should not look like, and how it does not work.

Make Landing Pages Fit Your Email Marketing Campaign

Landing pages are an essential part of every email marketing campaign. If I follow a link from an email marketing message, I expect purchasing to be easy, and I expect the landing page to fit the design of the email I got. If it does not, I'll be irritated and reluctant to make a purchase.

Put Newsletter Sign-up Boxes on Every Page

Put a newsletter sign-up box on every single page of your site, because not everybody enters your site on its main page. And not everybody knows from your home page alone that they want to sign up for your newsletter.

How to Interpret Email Newsletter Open Rates

When it comes to email marketing and newsletters, one statistical favorite is the "open rate". The open rate can be an indicator on a broader scale, though. It can be particularly interesting to watch the trend, for example, and surprising declines probably indicate a distribution problem.

Use a Template for Your Email Newsletter

It sounds obvious, but there are also some good reasons to use a template for your email marketing efforts. If you use a template (you can see our free newsletters templates), users know what to expect and recognize the newsletter. Also, a newsletter editing is less programming errors.

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