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Design Guidelines to Create an Effective Newsletter

Keep in mind about your newsletter design

To use your newsletter, many customers will rely on ease of access features or devices such as screen readers and high contrast settings. They may also rely on display settings such as large fonts and icons. As you create newsletters, keep these accessibility guidelines in mind.

Page layout of the newsletter

Improve readability, try to leave enough with white space between columns, images, and paragraphs of text on a page. Consider using indentation, bullets, and numbers to make your text easier to follow.

Alternate text (alt text) of the newsletter

Make sure that alt text:

  • Does not need to be viewed with the picture to make sense
  • Is as concisely worded as possible and does not exceed 100 characters
  • Is a sentence fragment, not a sentence; capitalize the first word only
  • Does not include ending punctuation or bold or italic formatting
  • Does not begin with an article or the phrase ''picture of''

Font size of the newsletter

When choosing fonts for use in newsletter styles, as a general rule, avoid font sizes smaller than 10 points.

Color schemes
of the newsletter

Keep in mind that light or pale font colors (such as light blue) on light backgrounds (such as soft yellow) can make it difficult for some customers to see the text.

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